Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Digital Identity is becoming part and parcel of numerous business and social transactions. It empowers ways to connect with billions of users in the digital sphere. Blockchain technology authorizes consumers to control their own identity and share between trusted entities with their consent.

The digital society is booming, thereby the importance of digital identity is increasing. Blockchain provides the technology to put security and trust into digital identity applications. Digital identities allow the storage of a lot of personal information, but also provide a vital link for transfers of assets, whether they are human, animal, tangible or intangible and so on.


The advantage of digital identity with blockchain:

For consumers

It is useful and easy to access different services.

It reinforces privacy protection.

It has significant control over personal data.


For businesses

It diminishes risks and cost of data breach.

It enables efficient compliance management and monitoring.

It boosts onboarding and customer experience.


For regulators

It is a standardized process.

It quickens auditing.

It rises efficiency in compliance control, monitoring and quality.